Re-Elect Rodney Watson Committed to Hill County Law Enforcement since 1990!

To the citizens of Hill County

Since 1990, I have served the citizens of Hill County and I continue to serve here in my home county. In a rural county, the salaries are generally significantly lower than the areas around us with a larger tax base. This was the case for many years. Like many of y’all, I struggled financially and worked two and sometimes three jobs raising two sons by myself. It would have been much easier to drive 30 minutes and make more money, but I chose to stay HERE and serve my local people. I could have done like numerous others and chased the money but I stayed because this is my home. My family has called Hill County home for generations, and we have consistently looked for ways to serve our community.

Staying here in Hill County allowed me to study and watch the landscape, and learn what did and didn’t work. While working here I experienced every facet of the job. I focused on learning and developing my skillset, where I learned many administrative duties. I grew in the profession HERE, in Hill County. I did not sit idle in my career – I sought out opportunities to progress and learn.
As Sheriff, I leaned on several successful and tenured Sheriffs by asking questions and learning from their expertise. As a result, with the team that I have built, we have changed the landscape of the office into a professional office with some of the best equipment and technology out there. I have honorably served for two successful terms as your sheriff. With the help of the Commissioners and the County Judge, we have moved the office forward leaps and bounds. We created a career advancement plan that is now being utilized in some form or fashion throughout most county offices, giving our employees increases in pay as they reach career milestones. Our salaries are now more competitive in the market place. Experience, preparation and the ability to form a qualified team are a MUST to effectively run this office. I would ask you to look at the qualifications, experience and professional progressions of anyone running for office in our County, the great state of Texas, as well as at the national level. My career has not been a linear one, but rather a multifaceted one.
My name is Rodney B Watson, and I am your Hill County Sheriff. I would appreciate your vote in the March 5th 2024, Republican Primary race. Early voting opens Tuesday, February 20, 2024.
Re-elect Rodney Watson for Hill County Sheriff

Thank you,

Rodney Watson